Hampton Man Killed In Motorcycle Crash – UPDATE


    Sep 24, 2007 03:52 PM

    Hampton man on a motorcycle died when he crashed with a Cadillac on
    Jefferson Avenue in Newport News Monday.  The collision happened just
    after 7:00 in the morning. 

    Ed Mullis was in his truck right
    behind the motorcycle.  He said the man was speeding as he approached
    the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Randolph Road.  The Cadillac
    was heading the opposite direction. Mullis said he saw the Cadillac was
    turning left and there was no where for the motorcycle to go. 

    knew.  It was inevitable. I’ve been riding 30 years and knew what was
    gonna happen.  I pulled in here and hit my On-Star button.  I heard
    sirens before I even got finished with the conversation," said Mullis.

    Medics gave CPR to the motorcycle driver. That kept him alive until he reached the hospital. 

    Cadillac driver did not want to speak with us.  The people who came to
    meet him said he hurt his neck and back but didn’t want treatment.  He
    went to Police Headquarters instead. 

    The deceased is identified as Eben L. Hoggard, 27, of the first block of Stonewall Terrace in Hampton.

    operator of the Cadillac is identified as Tremaine Knight, 30, of the
    100 block of Tyler Avenue in Newport News. Mr. Knight has been charged
    with second offense of driving with a revoked operator’s license and
    not having insurance. At this time no additional charges are expected.


    News Channel 3

    Hampton Roads, VA